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Whether you need small or large, complex or simple, Ithaca Steel’s Pre-Engineered Metal Building System is the perfect solution for your project.

High winds and hurricane zones, heavy snow loads, and high seismic zones are no problem for an Ithaca Steel Pre-Engineered Metal Building. We are experts and understand how to design and build properly for permitting in these areas.

Steel warehouses, metal garages, air craft hangars, manufacturing, industrial, retail, steel shops, agricultural, churches, sports complex, mini/RV Storage, cannabis and hemp grows, and metal homes are all perfect uses for an Ithaca Steel Building.

We are also very knowledgeable in the cannabis/hemp industry. Starting a grow operation, flowering, drying, air filtration, humidity control. Just ask to speak with one of our experts in this field. 

If you tired of  the used car salesmen that are baiting you into a sale that ends soon and you are ready to speak to an honest and reliable team of experts, then you have found the right Steel Building supplier. If you tired of hearing there is a metal building that someone canceled and just happens to work for your area or a competitor asking for a credit card number in the first five minutes of speaking with you,  then pick up the phone and give us a call. We will provide a high quality all steel building, large warranties, and real customer service that has been missing in the Metal Building industry for 30 years. 


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